A section 106 agreement is a legal contract between a developer and a local planning authority. These agreements are designed to ensure that developers meet certain obligations in exchange for planning permission. One of the key obligations that developers may be required to meet is the provision of section 106 agreement roads.

Section 106 agreement roads are roads that are built and maintained by developers in accordance with the terms of their planning permission. These roads are typically located on or near the development site and are designed to improve access and traffic flow in the surrounding area. They may also be used to provide access to new developments, such as housing estates or commercial developments.

The exact details of section 106 agreement roads will vary depending on the specific circumstances of each development. However, there are some key principles that are likely to apply in most cases. For example, developers may be required to submit detailed plans and specifications for the road to the local planning authority, and to gain approval for these plans before any work can begin.

Once construction begins, developers will need to ensure that the road is built to an appropriate standard, and that it is finished on time and within budget. They may also be required to provide ongoing maintenance and repairs to the road, and to ensure that it remains safe and usable for the duration of its lifespan.

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